We are one human tribe, our hearts all made of the stuff of stars. And our stories bring us back to who we are.

Kurataya Films is a space for remembering and for telling stories that reimagine the potential of our human collective.


Founded by award-winning director, Laura Kurataya, this is her heart-space of creation. In 2016 Laura visited the Kimberley Ranges in South Australia on a life-changing desert vision quest. It was a time to connect within, and to connect to the land, to Country. In this space, came the reminder of the potency, richness, intimacy and intelligence of our connection with nature and all that is. Since then Laura has been visiting sacred sites around the world, connecting with cultures that hold ancient wisdom, and focusing on reimagining life on the planet where health and happiness are everyone's norm. 

Laura now creates work that comes from a deep heart connection, with the intention to raise our collective vibration and promote a love-based way of life. This may sound too idealistic for you. But in Laura’s personal journey, her greatest discovery has been that we are each far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe. We can choose an aligned, harmonious, generous, connected, prosperous way of life for everyone. If we can imagine it, we can create it.